Here are a few accessories we love using with our SIDEPEACE cases...

Card Envelopes

Stoney Clover Cell Phone Envelope: It comes in 15 colors and is perfect to stick onto the Alex.

Phone Case with Wallet Pouch on the Back

Different Straps

J.Crew Camera Bag Strap  |  If you're looking for a thicker cloth strap, you might like this woven rope option from J.Crew. (Comes in navy and white.) It fits most comfortably onto the Alex case, but can manage to fit to the Rach case, as well.

Girl on a boat dock on a lake in Michigan with an iPhone case and nautical rope crossbody strap.

Nicole Miller Peace Sign Sweater with Blue Floral iPhone Case with woven camera crossbody bag strap

Acrylic Bag Strap  |  This acrylic chain strap comes in clear and a few shades of pink, all of which are such a fun addition to any SIDEPEACE. (The thin clips allow it to attach to all four of our cases!) You'll want to order the 120 cm length for it to fit crossbody! FYI: This shop ships from China, so delivery takes ~2 weeks.

We also love: Neutral Swirled Acrylic Link Straps

creamy neutral swirled acrylic chain link bag strap

Adjustable Cotton Striped Strap  |  This Gucci-esque striped strap comes in multiple color combinations. If you've been wanting to adjust the length of your SIDEPEACE strap, this is the strap style for you. These clips are thicker, so it pairs best with the Alex case. (FYI: This shop ships from China, so delivery takes ~2 weeks.)

We also love: Adjustable Cotton Webbing Straps in Solid Colors, Leopard Print Crossbody Straps 

Unfortunately all of the other chains and straps we developed to go with our cases never made it to us. But we're in the process of ordering and testing more cute options from other retailers! Stay tuned. xo

Phone Stands

Personalized Cell Phone Stand  |  This can be used with any phone or case, but it works perfectly with all of the SIDEPEACE cases! Instead of trying to lay your phone flat on your desk, this keeps it upright and so much easier to quickly glance at.

Phone Case Letters

Smartphone Case Stickers  |  These adhesive alphabet stickers can be used on anything, but they're perfect for our Alex case! They're only $3-5 per letter. Stoney Clover has an amazing selection of patches, but they're much more expensive.