As much as fashion matters to us, function is the name of the game here. As the world has become increasingly more digital, we all rely on our phones way more than we used to. And it’s time our phone cases caught up!

The SIDEPEACE case isn’t meant to be your one-and-only phone case. (Hence the play on the name! 😉)

While our crossbody straps are removable for ease and convenience, our cases are more so meant to be the case you switch into when you’re on the go or need to be hands-free.

Think about your handbags… You’ve got your everyday tote that fits it all, maybe a diaper bag, a small crossbody for the weekend, a fanny pack for walking the dog… Whatever the activity, you’ve got a bag fit for the occasion.

The SIDEPEACE is meant to be one of your go-to phone cases to help make life a little bit more convenient! It was designed so you can enjoy more moments without your phone in your hand and have more peace of mind when it’s not.


  • The screws that connect the strap to the case can loosen with a lot of movement. Nothing to worry about, just make sure you twist/tighten the screws (with your hands, no tools required) before wearing to make sure they don't come undone! (Remember: righty tighty, lefty loosey.)
  • No matter if you're right or left handed, due to the placement of the camera on the iPhone, you'll find the most ease of use by wearing your phone on your left hip. (That means the strap will be on your right shoulder!)
  • If you prefer to wear your case with the screen out for easy viewing, you'll find that wearing it on your right hip is best. (In this case, the strap will be over your left shoulder.)
  • Check out this Highlight on our Instagram for videos!