Free your hands, but never miss a moment with our style-conscious iPhone cases with crossbody straps. No more digging around your bags and pockets to capture the quick memories, and no more searching to answer that important call. With the S I D E P E A C E  phone case and connecting strap, your phone is always right there.

But to be totally honest, our cases and straps were actually designed out of necessity…  After many years of friends and family getting phones stolen at music festivals around the world, our founder was on the hunt for a cute phone case with a crossbody strap. When that search came up so very short, the S I D E P E A C E was born.

Whether you’re at a music festival, traveling internationally or domestically, at a crowded concert venue, riding public transportation, at a bar, or even walking around your own city, it’s no secret that phone pickpocketing is on the rise!

S I D E P E A C E creates fashion-forward functional accessories to keep your possessions, well… in your possession.